Start, Grow & Sustain

Welcome, and a word on confidence

Hello and welcome to day one! 

I’m so happy that you are here and investing time in yourself and the growth of your business. 

I know that this mini-course is free but time is one of our biggest assets (we can always make more money) so thank you for spending your time with me over these next 5 days. 

I want you to get as much out of it as possible so you can see the results. 

What do I mean by action-driven? Well, the results will come if you put in the work. Each day there will be a task to complete that will take you closer to getting email marketing confident. 

Throughout the next five days, we are going to look at the practical steps involved in starting and growing your list, as well as some mindset shifts that will enable you to feel more confident about building your list. 

If you complete the tasks each day I promise you, you will be growing your list and feeling brilliant about your email marketing by the end of this course. 

Firstly it’s important to acknowledge that putting yourself out there is scary; there’s a fear of being judged, a fear of getting it wrong and so we end up keeping ourselves small. 

This is especially true for women. And I speak from experience when I say it gets easier with time and practice.

Remember this – thousands of people aren’t going to subscribe to your newsletter overnight (well, not just yet anyway!) so you’re going to have room to test, grow, learn and adapt. 

It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, that’s how we learn. 

It’s also important to remember that everyone starts at zero; and even if you don’t have anyone on your list, writing that newsletter is going to be good practice for when they come, and they will. Start as you mean to go on and include it as part of your routine. As with everything, consistency is key. 

Keep in mind that people have chosen to be on your list. They are there because they like what you’re sending. If you want to strike up a two-way conversation ask questions and involve your subscribers. 

We’ll talk more about what you could include in your emails later, but having a bank of ideas ready to go is always a confidence booster and removes the overwhelm of not knowing what to say.

Your subscribers want to hear from you so don’t ghost them.