Start, Grow & Sustain

Getting creative

Time to get creative! 

I’m going to say this because I care. If you are crap at designing and creating visually pleasing stuff then outsource it. Don’t waste hours on Canva creating something you’re not happy about promoting. Yes, it will cost you a few quid but it’s an investment which you will make back quickly once you have a group of engaged people that you can sell to.

If you quite like a faff on Canva go ahead and check out templates related to whatever you are going to create. Just don’t overcomplicate it. If you’re new to design then white space is your friend, leave plenty of it.

Keep it simple. 

You don’t want to overwhelm your audience. An effective lead magnet offers one solution to one problem.

You also need to keep some things back, this is not about giving everything you know away for free, it is about demonstrating your knowledge and skill to a prospective client in order to turn them into a paying client.

Always look back and take out a little bit if you’re giving away too much.

Here are the key things to bear in mind:

Create a lead magnet that your audience will find valuable. Think about their pain points and start from there.

Keep it simple, offer one solution to one problem.

Create to impress and convert. If design is not your strong point then look at outsourcing this part.

Good luck creating your lead magnet. Remember to complete your worksheet before you open Canva.

See you in the next lesson where we’re going to look at creating your sign-up form and delivery email.