Start, Grow & Sustain

Day 5: List Nurturing

So by now you will have:

  • Created your brilliant lead magnet
  • Set up the workflow to deliver your lead magnet
  • Crafted and built your automated welcome series
  • Set up your calls to action and thought about how you’re going to spread the word

You are building your list! Well done, and if you’ve done all of that this week on top of your usual workload and other responsibilities you should be mega proud of yourself. I am proud of you. Working on your business like this is setting you up for future success and nailing your email marketing is such a big job ticked off the list.

Now that you have all those lovely subscribers signing up to your email list you need to make sure you are keeping in touch with them regularly. Decide now how often you are going to contact them; if you can send a note once a week that’s amazing, but if you feel like you can only manage once  a month that’s fine too – just make sure you are consistent.

Your audience want to hear from you, they want more of what you’re putting down. If it helps create a template so you know what you’re going to talk about each week. Here are some ideas that might help when it comes to knowing what to say:

Tips and resources

Share some resources that you’ve found useful and include tips on how to implement them. Learnt loads about Reels? Point people to the resources you’ve used!

Business updates:

Tell your readers what’s going on in your business. Started building a team? Let them know! Working on a new product or service, give them some insider information. Take your subscribers behind the scenes and make them feel part of it.


Your email list are your VIPs and you should treat them like that. Got a sale or a discount for a particular service? Tell your email list first. Include it in your newsletter and include a clear call to action that takes the subscriber to the right place (landing page, service, product, shop)

New blog posts:

Add your latest blog post to your newsletter, not only will this prompt you to keep adding new content to your website, but it gets your audience to your website where you can have some clear call to actions for your products and services.

Industry insights:

Share some up to date insights from your industry. Not only is this valuable information for your audience but it highlights that you are in the know and that you are keeping on top of current changes and trends.

New stuff:

Your readers are on your mailing list because they are interested in your business. If you have a new product or service, tell them about it AND tell them how they can get it. Don’t make your audience do the hard work, they won’t.

You can also include more fun stuff, like book/film/podcast recommendations, recipes or a new clothing brand you’ve discovered. Tap into your audience, what do they like? Are they parents – would they like tips for kids? Do they exercise? Should you include links to yoga videos you’ve been doing? Think about them.

Now create your newsletter schedule and put it in your calendar. Don’t do all this hard work for it to fall apart at the end!

Remember, your audience likes you – that’s why they gave you their email address. They deserve to hear from you! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini course, I know it’s been A LOT and I hope you’ve made time, or at least a plan, to implement it. Building a list is KEY to growing an online business. Don’t leave all your eggs in one basket *ahem* social media.

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