Start, Grow & Sustain

Day 3: The Welcome Series

How are you getting on? Today you are going to put together your welcome series. This could be anything from 3 – 10 emails and is designed to tell your subscriber a little bit more about you and how they can work with you.

This is not about sales, more about nurturing, having said that I would encourage you to direct people towards products or services you have available. These are your most popular emails in terms of click and open rates so use them wisely.

In the same way that you created your lead magnet workflow you need to create a new workflow for your welcome series. The reason we create this separately is that you may have a number of different lead magnets that then all filter through the same welcome series.

So STEP ONE in the audience section of your email service provider, go to groups and create a new group called Welcome Series.

STEP TWO go to your workflows and create new.

Start with the action ‘when people join your welcome series group’ and then you want to add the number of emails you’d like to send with delay actions in between them. This is crucial or your subscribers will get all the emails immediately. 

For example: Joins welcome series group (straight from lead magnet): wait 2 hours: send email. Wait 1 day, send second email, wait 2 days send 3rd email. And so on.

Here are some ideas that you can include in your welcome series:

Your Story/Journey

How you got to doing what you do, relate to your subscribers and empathise with their pain points. Keep in mind this isn’t about you, so no biography please. Keep it relevant to your subscribers’ issues.

Client Feedback

Share a story of how you helped ‘Karen’ get from flummoxed to fabulous. They will empathise with your client and see how working with you could help them too. You could include a call to action here for one of your entry priced products or services. This is the next natural step from a lead magnet.

A task or prompt for the reader

This is all about them, so perhaps give them a few prompts or a task that will help them to start to see clarity and warm them up to how you could be the person to help them.

For example, if you are a coach you could suggest some journaling prompts. If you are a nutritionist you could ask them to consider how different foods make them feel, or suggest keeping a diary. If you are a personal trainer you could prompt 3 easy moves to do whilst you wait for the kettle to boil. You get the drift.

Direct to useful resources

You could direct your subscribers to content and resources that would be useful to them or that you enjoy. This could be work related or related to them as an audience, such as podcasts, books, TV shows they might enjoy.

Ask about them

Ask your subscribers about them and their needs, perhaps direct them to a survey so that you can better understand their needs. This is great for building relationships and nurturing your audience.


Set out the expectations for your subscribers, what are you going to send them, when and how frequently.

When you are writing your welcome series, bear in mind what your goal is by the end of it, and work towards building your subscribers up to that.

Enjoy writing and don’t get too bogged down. You can tweak and change this welcome series as often as you like; it’s not permanent. What is important is that you get it done and your subscribers are not left hanging once they’ve got their lead magnet. That is leaving money on the table my friend.

See you in tomorrow’s module, the task is a nice quick one.