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Day 2: Creating Groups & Forms

How did you get on with creating your lead magnet? Don’t worry if you haven’t finished it, you can still get everything else set up whilst you complete it.

Top tip if you are struggling to get your lead magnet finished; set aside 1 or 2 hours where you are going to complete it. Tell yourself you haven’t got any more time than that and just get it done. A task will take up as much time as you give it. Perhaps schedule 20 – 30 minutes a day for the rest of this five-day course.

Today, we are going to create the subscribe form that collects the email addresses of the people that are interested in your lead magnet, deliver them the lead magnet and group them together.

A quick note here. It doesn’t necessarily matter which email service provider you are signed up to, the theory is all pretty much the same. Each provider will have videos and help topics for the technical aspects. I favour Mailerlite because it is free (up to 1000 subscribers), powerful, and gives tons of value. Flodesk is also very user-friendly and has loads of pretty templates if that’s your thing – personally, I am a fan of a plain text email.

Right, let’s dive in. Here is a checklist of the things we are going to cover today.

STEP ONE: You need to create your group. This is how you know where your subscribers came from and what their interests are as your list grows. In your dashboard find the audience section and create a new group. Make sure you have a clear naming system from the beginning.

E.g. ‘The name of your awesome lead magnet’ not ‘03-2021-subscribers-596843’ that is not going to mean anything to you (or anyone in your team) in 6 months’ time.

STEP TWO: Next you need to create your sign-up form. Head to forms and create new. Most providers have various layout options and you can create them as either a landing page or a form that you can embed on your website. Choose which one suits you best and give it a clear title, e.g. exactly what the lead magnet delivers like ‘Top 10 Tools for an Online Business’ or ‘5 Ways to Use Instagram Reels’ – make it clear to hook your audience in. 

Next, choose the fields you want to use to collect data. I like name and email because it’s a great user experience and I’m not collecting data that I don’t need. Now is the time to consider what information you are going to collect from your audience. For example, you might want to send birthday promotions to people, so you would need to collect their date of birth. You also might want to send localised offers if you have a bricks and mortar shop, so you would need to collect their location.

When you are happy with your form you need to assign it to the group you have created in step one.

STEP THREE: Decide on whether or not you want to use double opt-in. At the time of writing this course, double opt-in is optional in the UK. Here are some pros and cons:

PROS for using double opt-in

  • A more engaged email list
  • Higher click through rate
  • Accurate subscriber information – no mistyped email addresses
  • Less chance of spam subscribers

CONS for using double opt-in

  • Longer sign up process
  • Lose subscribers from the confirmation link email
  • Too many emails at the sign up stage (confirmation, success, welcome)
  • Slower list growth

If you decide to go with double opt-in you can design and edit those emails to ensure that they are on-brand with the right message.

STEP FOUR: Now you need to save your lead magnet somewhere accessible online. The media library of your website is a great place, you could also use Google Drive or Dropbox – making sure the settings are public so that whoever has the link can access it.

Then hop over to the workflow/automation section of your email service provider and create the sequence that is going to deliver your lead magnet. Start with an action. So this will be ‘when a subscriber joins a group’ and the group will be the one you created in step one. The next action is an email that delivers your lead magnet, this should just be a short email including a button or a link to where you have stored your lead magnet online.

The last action of the workflow should be copying them to your welcome series subscriber group and directing them through your welcome series which we will look at tomorrow!

In the meantime SEND YOURSELF A TEST EMAIL. Check all the links work, if in doubt ask a friend if you can send it to them too for a second pair of eyes.

Once you are happy you can publish/turn on your workflow.

Then another test to make sure it all works. Sign up to your own list using the form you have created and make sure you receive the email and get added to the group.

Well done! This part is all ready to go now, tick everything off on your checklist and keep it for future reference if you like.

See you tomorrow for module three.