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How to grow an engaged email list

How to grow an engaged email list

If you want to grow your email list you need to make it easy for people to sign up, and incentivise them to do so.

How many places are you promoting your sign up link or subscribe form? Perhaps it’s just in the footer of your website…

You need to put your subscribe link or form in as many places as possible to ensure that wherever people are coming across you + your content online, they can get more by subscribing to your email list.

A good exercise is to write down all the places where a potential client might come across you online, for example, Instagram, your website, Facebook, blogs etc. and think about how you can add a call to action to subscribe.


Add a link to your sign up form in your bio + invite people to subscribe through your posts, stories + IGTV’s.


Add your subscribe link as a call to action on your Facebook business page – do this via the ‘+ Add a Button’ button.

Your Website

Include it in your footer so that it’s on every page. Add it to the copy on your About page – this is the most visited page on your website so make use of those page visits! You could also add it to your contact page and as a pop up / slide in.

There are loads of tutorials online to show you how to embed a subscribe form into your website; for example, Google ‘how to add Mailerlite to WordPress website’.


You could add a subscribe form to your blog page and invite people to sign up and get notified of new posts; you could also add sign up links to individual posts and tag subscribers with specific categories.

The key thing is to capture people when they are engaging in your content.

Go back to your original list and think of any more places you could add your subscribe link to, and add it.

Once you’re happy that you have links/forms everywhere possible it’s time to start thinking about the next level of growth and create a lead magnet.

If you’re not sure what a lead magnet it, it’s simply an incentive for people to give you their email address. This could be a workbook, template, a discount or access to a private FB group etc. Think about what would benefit your audience. It’s worth mentioning that your lead magnet should be valuable + well designed. This is your first chance to impress prospective clients and build that know, like + trust factor.

Don’t use not having a lead magnet ready as an excuse not to put your subscribe link/form in as many places as possible. People will still subscribe and will be some of your most valuable subscribers.

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